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Introducing a New Collection: NeuroTools!

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Posted on October 25, 2023

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Neuro Tools Community Update

A collection of fidgets, sensory supports + brain aids!

You may have noticed that a new collection has appeared on the upper floor of the ECU Library, by the Graphic Novels shelf. These are NeuroTools - tools that can support anyone, but that are built with special consideration for neurodiverse folks! Our collection was put together in consultation with the ECU Disability & Neuro-Divergent Collective.

All the items in the collection are available to be checked out for 7 days, with two renewals possible.

Some of the tools currently available are:

Reading GuidesSquish FidgetsBubble Popper
Pencil GripsSenso Slug
Fidget SpinnerMassage
Visual TimersTangle Fidgets
Spinner RingsHats with
Wobble Stool
Boink Fidgets
Glitter Wands

Additional tools coming soon: Easy Read (Accessible Ruler), Cards for Inclusion, Feelings Wheel, Hammock + Hanging Straps, Weighted Lap Object, and a Weighted Neck Object.

We are also looking for your input on the collection (there is a feedback box on the shelf), and would love to hear from you:
What tools do you like?
What tools are missing?
What tools do you want more of?
What tools aren’t working for you?

Let us know - We want this collection to support you!