Faculty of Visual Art + Material Practice

The Faculty of Visual Art + Material Practice offers a studio-based education that reflects the diversity and complexity of contemporary art practices.  The programs engage with a diverse set of ideas and materials to imagine and explore the creation of new objects and images.  Visual Art and Material Practice has a strong emphasis on conceptual, technical and historical knowledge. Students work in a stimulating, supportive environment where they learn new skills and concepts and are encouraged to be self-reliant and resourceful. Our teaching faculty are artists dedicated to providing students with a positive, productive, learning community immersed in contemporary art practices.

The Faculty of Visual Art + Material Practice has studio programs that focus in ceramics, drawing, illustration, painting, photography, print media and sculpture, which along with art history and studio seminars lead to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. We pride ourselves in knowing that we are graduating artists who research, produce, and present their artwork within a broad global cultural economy and become leaders in a world that is constantly changing.

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Aoife Mac Namara, Dean

Judy Davis, Assistant Dean, Visual Arts Curriculum

Randy Lee Cutler, Assistant Dean, Academic Curriculum

Current Visual Art + Material Practice Faculty




Visual Arts

General Fine Arts (External degree with North Island College)


Art + Text

Recent Visiting Artists:
Calef Brown, Cathy Busby, Aimee Brown, David Korty, Elvira Hufschmid, Janice Kerbel, Mark Lewis, Margit Schild, Mona Hatoum, Seth, Evelyn Roth, Brad Buckley, Roy Arden, Warren Arcan, Dagmar Dahle, Margaret Dragu, Julie Duschenes, Donald Lawrence, Ian Skedd, Maria Fusco, Germaine Koh, Luc Tuymans, Nick Bantock, Carole Conde, Kate Armstrong, Jeremy Todd, Jenifer Papararo, Mark Soo, Bill Burns, Peter MacCallum, John Kissick, Rhonda Weppler. Monika Szewczyk, Delia Brown, Emily Vey Duke, Tanya Mars, Judy Radul, Evan Lee, Matthew Stadler, Paula Levine, David Hoffos, Eliza Griffiths, Kelly Wood, Jaclyn Conley, Martin Golland, Damian Moppett, Ian Verchere, Marcia Crosby, Jeremy Hof, Rebecca Belmore, Ken Lum, Jayce Salloum, Jeff Derksen, Am Johal, Ron Terada, Annette Kuhn, Ian Wallace, Andy Patton, Monique Mees, Marina Roy.