Ian Gillespie Faculty of Design + Dynamic Media

Design and Dynamic Media EC JL 2014 423 2

Get serious about solutions.

We believe that enhancing understanding of social context and connections best prepares us to respond to the complex world around us.

We offer interdisciplinary design studies in: sustainability; health care; regional and recreational products; systems and information design; typography, visual communications and storytelling; commercial, experimental and 3D animation; film and video; and interactive and integrated design.

Graduates have the opportunity for further studies including a Master of Fine Arts and Master of Design.

Bachelor of Design

Focusing on the social, technological, and experiential needs of contemporary society, our Bachelor of Design program has evolved into a human-centred practice.

Three majors are offered in the Bachelor of Design degree:

  • The Communication Design Major combines theory and practice, exploring cultural, historical, technical, ecological, and theoretical issues in order to solve communication challenges. Electives include print design, interactivity, and motion graphics.
  • In the Industrial Design Major, you will learn how we communicate, find pleasure, comfort, and safety with others through activities and products, and how we overcome our physical and psychological limitations through design.
  • Prepare to create innovative design solutions for everyday life with an Interaction Design Major. Demand is high for interaction designers to envision new and interactive products, systems, services and spaces in all industries.

Minor in Ecological Design Practice

All design majors are eligible to pursue an Ecological Design Practice Minor. For students seeking to situate their design practice in relation to ecological needs and develop a deeper understanding of sustainable, earth and land-based practices, the minor offers and experimental and forward-thinking space for crafting emergent approaches of design practice.

Bachelor of Media Arts

With a Bachelor of Media Arts degree, you will have the skills and confidence for conceptual risk-taking in one of the fastest growing art forms in the world.

Three majors are offered in the Bachelor of Media Arts degree:

  • Embrace diverse animation media and crafting practices with the 2D & Experimental Animation Major.
  • The 3D Computer Animation Major provides an intensive curriculum to foster a comprehensive understanding and in-depth expertise in 3D animation and digital media
  • For aspiring film-makers, we offer the Film + Screen Arts Major. This major is dedicated to the exploration of contemporary digital media and historic analog and mechanical processes and practices.