Industrial Design Major

  • Intro

    The object is Industrial Design

    If you are interested in developing design solutions for the way people respond and relate to objects, Emily Carr University’s Industrial Design program is for you.

    All our majors commence upon completion of our Foundation Year requirements.

    An Industrial Design degree evaluates and delivers cultural, economic, historic, ecological, social, technical, and symbolic value. You’ll learn about the way we communicate with others, find pleasure, comfort, and safety in activities and products, and how we overcome our physical and psychological limitations. Industrial design combines theory and process with practical knowledge, preparing you to develop a relevant, personal design practice of your own.

    The Industrial Design program is rigorous and hands-on emphasizing an understanding of human needs. Through research and user-centred methodology, you will learn to interpret needs and desires in aesthetic, material, and ergonomic terms. You will explore and prototype in real time and space, choosing to be a generalist or specialist as you progress. Areas of specialization include household or recreational products, electronics, medical and health design, hardware, soft products, ceramics, exhibitions, furniture, material production, and research in sustainability.

  • Pathways

    You will join the industrial design community as an entrepreneurial thinker and maker, consciously changing our experience of the world, by innovating products and systems for the benefit of their users.

    Inspiring job titles of our recent graduates

    Industrial Design Contractor, Accessories Design Manager, Packaging Specialist, Partner and Creative Director, 3D Sculptor/Designer and CNC Machinist, Manager of Engineering/Design/Drafting, Owner/Designer, Design Strategist, Curator/Producer

    Dynamic employers that have recruited our recent graduates

    TEDx, Mountain Equipment Co-op, ArcTeryx, IKEA, Norco Bicycles, Apple, Aritzia, Skidmore, Owings & Merrilll Architects, WhiteWater West Industries Ltd.

  • Program

    After first year Foundation studies at Emily Carr, you will apply to enter the Industrial Design Major in your second year.

    Your studies will focus steadily in this field over the last three years of your four year degree. Upon completion you will achieve the undergraduate degree and designation, Bachelor of Design, Majoring in Industrial Design (BDes, IndD). See the Admissions section about application information for undergraduate, international, transfer, and aboriginal students.

    Most courses you will take are worth three credits. 120 credits are required to complete your degree.

  • Aims

    The Bachelor of Design, Industrial Design program develops you to become a creative citizen of the design community through conceptual, critical, cultural, practice-oriented, and career-focused education.

    The program aims are to:

    • equip graduates with core industrial design competencies, including knowledge of rigorous design process, hand drawing, traditional and emerging modelling techniques, and presentation skills, and incorporate the use of practice-based exploration in design research projects and curriculum;
    • prepare students to address issues of sustainability by practicing and applying design for sustainability, in an approach that encourages product-service-systems, design activism, new economic models, and growing our capacity for alternative material generation and processing;
    • engage students in creative, strategic, and critical design thinking to actively synthesize social, cultural, technical, and commercial knowledge in order to formulate potent design responses;
    • prepare students with a contextual understanding of industrial design practices within the creative and commercial sectors so they may enter these competitive skills and knowledge-based economies;
    • foster a strong and supportive industrial design community in Vancouver, BC, Canada and abroad through reciprocal learning and research opportunities, innovative business and entrepreneurial relationships, and other networks.