DDM Student Micro-Grants

All Design & Dynamic Media students are welcome to apply for micro-grants!

This micro-grant fund will support Design and Media student-led activities that connect people. Funded events and activities will activate dialogue and community through extra-curricular initiatives. For examples of past funded projects, please scroll below!

The Fall term application deadlines for 2023 are September 21, October 21, and November 21.
The Spring term application deadlines for 2024 are January 21, February 21, and April 1.

To apply, download the form below and email DDM Administrative Assistant, April Joy Milne. Applicants can expect to hear from the Academic Affairs Office 2 weeks after the deadline. Successful applicants will be required to complete an Event Planning Form if necessary as well as relevant room-bookings and AV requests with support from the Academic Affairs Office.

Micro-grants are funded up to $350. Funds are to cover material and special event production costs, catering, and/or other relevant expenses. Please note the micro-grants are not intended for curriculum film productions.

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Airi Nishioka

Design with Food

"Design with Food" was a collaborative food and lettering workshop organized by Airi Nishioka and Clara Ngie, two fourth-year communication design students.

The workshop took place on March 2nd and March 7th 2023, in which 7 bilingual ECU students and instructor Reyhan Yazdani participated in generating conversations around food-making, sharing cultural experiences, and languages used in the context of food habits. In the workshop, participants learned about the locally sourced ingredients provided in the event space through engaging with informative prints and lettering exercises guided by observations of the forms and textures of each produce.

Participants were then encouraged to select ingredients to take home and cook. Everyone was asked to document their cooking process through photos and writing down their recipes, which later translated into co-designing elements for a multilingual menu design.

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Lula-Belle Jedynak

2nd + 3rd Year Film + Screen Arts Screening

On a sunny spring evening, the 2nd and 3rd Year Film + Screen Arts Screening took place in the Reliance Theatre at ECU. The event was spearheaded by students Alex Silva and Lula-Belle Jedynak. There was tremendous support from Christine Stewart, Carlo Ghioni, Lindsay McIntyre, Jonathan Tammuz, and many others from FMSA faculty with regards to organization, gear & event logistics, planning, materials provided, and support to all the students. The audience was filled with students from all years and programs, guests, and FMSA faculty.

Alex and Lula-Belle supported the event as emcees, general organization, setup and teardown, along with additional media creation (programs, background images, promo.) The setup began at 2 pm, and the event began at 5 pm with a full house! Food was provided by Fujiya, and sweet treats were served before the screenings. Student shorts began at 5:45 pm, and continued until 10:40 pm with a large group of people staying until the end. The event brought together a strong sense of community and support, and new connections were made among the audience. The mix of different styles of short films was a true testament to the diversity of the students at Emily Carr, and a reflection of an environment that encourages artistic growth in countless directions.

TM Exhibit
Sid Watson

Pop-Up Typography Type Museum

An ode to the style of the Dadaist movement and early 20th century graphic design, fourth year Communication Design students Madeleine Salomons and Sid Watson worked to create a cohesive brand narrative for the 11th annual Typography Museum: Deconstructing Type. On display in December of 2022, this collection of solo typographically-focused exhibits, put on by Peter Cocking’s fall Advanced Typography class, served both as a presentation of knowledge as well as an educational starting point discussing a variety of typographic histories. The final exhibition identity boldly supported its content, holding the title Deconstructing Type due to the many exhibits discussing the deconstruction or reinvention of traditional type practices. This work ultimately included an in-depth exploration of risograph printing, expressive typography, and visual language to support participation and engagement from the community.

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Exploring Filipino History and Culture Through Cuisine

For their thesis project, Fyonna Laddaran and Kin Godwin Chua explored Filipino history and culture through cuisine; more specifically, celebrating and creating conversation around the ways Filipino people have been resilient in the face of colonialism. Through exploration of cuisine and historical contexts they hoped to tell the rich stories of how different Filipino dishes became popular and evolved over time. Their event consisted of hosting a traditional Filipino communal meal, inviting their peers to participate and learn about Filipino cuisine in a sensorial way. They also designed printed graphic materials to supplement the experience and give away to participants as a thank you (a la takeaway “baon” tradition in the Philippines).