Master's Degrees in Design

Our Master of Design (MDes) is a practice based, research-oriented degree for creative professionals at the forefront of design.

Rooted and actively engaged in the ecology, ethics and politics of design, Emily Carr University’s MDes programs are for designers who take risks, think unconventionally, seek to foster change, and actively contribute to local and global cultural ecologies.

Our MDes programs are built on critical, practice-based creative research. Throughout your time at ECU, faculty, staff and peers will contribute to your professional development by mentoring, challenging and supporting you as you work to uncover, cultivate and refine your thesis project, a creative product comprising both a practical and written component. With the assistant and supervision of a faculty mentor, your thesis project will be fostered in-studio classes and research seminars by skilled faculty with a diverse range of design expertise.

Our learning community is diverse. Students from a wide range of different professional backgrounds and lived experiences contribute to the work we do. You can create within a variety of design fields and approaches, in the MDes (Interaction) program or MDes (Interdisciplinary) program, which provide a rigorous and innovative environment and approach to design research and production.

You can browse theses by our graduates through the Emily Carr Library.

The Master of Design program [at] Emily Carr has enabled me to meet and collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the creative industry. As a creative professional this allows me to expand the conceptual and intellectual scope of my work, thus elevating my work in the increasingly global market.

Jonathan Yaputra, MDes 2020 Graduate

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