2D + Experimental Animation Major

  • Intro

    Animation brings art to life.

    If animation is your art and passion, Emily Carr is the ideal place to develop the conceptual and practical skills to create dynamic animated stories that captivate audiences around the world.

    All our majors commence upon completion of our Foundation Year requirements.

    The 2D + Experimental Animation Major embraces diverse animation media and crafting practices. Students develop as creative animation designers and critical thinkers. Forms of narrative storytelling are explored through the art of classical animation, using both traditional and digital drawing methods. Experimental animation includes media such as stop-motion puppets, cut-outs, paint-on-glass and motion graphics. Critical analysis and comprehension of animation arts involves writing, history, and media studies.

    Animation students engage with an in-depth study of animation principles, design, character development, story and production techniques that expose them to every aspect of animation production. Students create two major film projects in both 3rd and 4th years, both of which come from their own directorial vision and efforts. These rigorous projects reflect an animator and artist that is developing robust comprehension and flexible skill sets for the complete animation production process. This model of education experience is unique in Canada, and prepares individuals for employment in various animation, visual effects, and cultural industries.

  • Pathways

    You will become part of a community of highly skilled practitioners, visionaries, and creative problem-solvers, with the knowledge to enter the professional field of animation.

    Inspiring job titles of our recent graduates

    Layout Artist, Compositor, Colour Stylist, Character Animator, 2D Animator, 3D Animator, Flash Animator, Stop-motion Animator

    Dynamic employers that have recruited our recent graduates

    Atomic Cartoons, Image Engine, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Bardel Entertainment, DHX Media, Corus Entertainment, Halifax Film, National Film Board of Canada, Jester Coyote Animation Inc..

  • Program

    After first year Foundation studies at Emily Carr, you will apply to enter the Animation Major in your second year.

    Your studies will focus steadily in this field over the last three years of your four year degree. Upon completion you will achieve the undergraduate degree and designation, Bachelor of Media Arts in Animation (BMA, Animation). See the Admissions section about application information for undergraduate, international, transfer, and aboriginal students.

    Most courses you will take are worth three credits. 120 credits are required to complete your degree.

  • Aims

    The Bachelor of Media Arts, Animation program develops you to become a creative citizen of the visual arts and culture community through conceptual, critical, cultural, practice-oriented, and career-focused education.

    The Bachelor of Media Arts, Animation Major aims to:

    • equip you with critical, theoretical, research, and studio practices to become engaged citizens through the art of animation;
    • impart advanced knowledge within the field of animation as related to media arts culture and practice;
    • foster your conceptual and technical knowledge through a studio-based education reflecting the diversity and complexity of animation;
    • prepare you with a contextual understanding of animation as an art and a skill within the creative and commercial sectors so you may enter these competitive knowledge-based economies;
    • foster a dynamic animation and media arts culture and community within Vancouver, British Columbia, and Canada, as well as globally.

    experimental animation, preproduction, storyboards, character designs, concept art, layout, 2D and 3D character animation, 3D modeling and texturing, Motion graphics Visual effects, interdisciplinary practice, visual literacy, studio culture, foundation studies, real world context, sustainable practices, community engagement, minors, concept + ideation, media arts research + methods

“Late Night” by Kodai Yanagawa, 2017 alumnus

“Merwaukee” by Roxanne Zagar, 2017 alumnus

“If You Fall” by Tisha Deb Pillai, 2017 alumnus