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    1. Please submit the appropriate Hiring request form to prior to the start date of the position:

    2. Ensure the Student has completed the Payroll Forms for new Employees. These forms are required if the Student has never worked at ECU, or hasn't worked in over 1 calendar year. Please submit to

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            Employee and Family Assistance Program Resources: Telus Health One

            ECU’s Staff and Faculty Employee and Family Assistance Program provides you with immediate and confidential help for any work, health, or life concern. Facilitated by Telus Health One, these resources and supports are available anytime and anywhere, and work to help you find solutions to the challenges you may be facing at any age and any stage of life. The following links provide more information on the different resources provided in the program.

            Please reach out to for phone and login details as well as for any questions you may have.

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