Outgoing Exchange Students

ECU participates in the Student Exchange/Mobility Program and has exchange agreements with numerous art and design schools globally.

Each year, ECU students attend these schools for a semester of study and art practice.

About the Program

You must be in your second year of your ECU program to apply. The exchange will take place in either your Fall OR Spring semester of third year.

Research your options from our list of Partner Schools. You must independently perform the required research in advance of your application to find a host school that will best suit your artistic practice and educational goals. You may choose up to three schools for consideration, however you will only be nominated to one.

All applicants will be ranked on their GPA. Based on GPA, students will be nominated to their first available host school. ECU will only nominate a maximum of 2 students to each host school per year.

ECU International Programs will notify you of your successful nomination. We will also notify the host school of our nominations. Students who applied will be contacted about their application once nomination process begins.

Students will then complete the application to the host school through their individual processes and deadlines. At that time you will submit a portfolio, transcript and reference letter to the host school. The final decision of acceptance lies with the host school.

Application for the Fall 2023/Spring 2024 year will open Fall 2022. Please check back for updates.

Need more information? Email the Exchange office or make an appointment with the International Exchange Advisor in Student Commons.

Student Exchange Program Policies

During second year, students at ECU can apply to become an exchange student for one semester of your third year of study at a variety of art and design schools globally.

Both part-time and full-time students are eligible to apply; however, students must be full-time in their third year while on exchange.

The exchange program is open to both domestic and international students.

Please note students who transfer to Emily Carr at the third-year level are not eligible to apply for the exchange program.

Responsibilities as an Exchange Student
The selection process
After your exchange