Leaning Out of Windows: Emergence

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IK Leaning Out Of Windows III v3red
Ingrid Koenig, LOoW Process Design
'Emergence,' drawing, 2018
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Translation Hub Jan. 25, 12:30pm - 5pm


Jan 8, 2020 – Jan 26, 2020

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On Campus

Michael O’Brian Exhibition Commons + RBC Gallery at Emily Carr University of Art + Design

520 E 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC, V5T 0H2 See on Map

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Curated by Randy Lee Cutler + Ingrid Koenig

Translation Hub
| Jan. 25, 12:30 - 5 pm

Leaning Out of Windows
, a research creation project organized by faculty from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, explores how knowledge might be translated across the disciplinary communities of art and physics in order to develop a shared understanding of the cosmos.

The project assesses methodologies of collaboration to develop ways to engage with the diverse languages employed by artists and physicists, namely between Emily Carr University and TRIUMF, Canada's particle accelerator centre. What is shared is a space of mutual inspiration informing each other's work in the search for new and emergent understanding of scientific phenomena. This exhibition and research project is organized by Randy Lee Cutler and Ingrid Koenig.

Working with the metaphor “leaning out of windows” the project investigates how a participant resides within their field of expertise while simultaneously inhabiting an expanded space of experimentation, risk and not knowing. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and understanding, scientists and artists were asked to engage in a collective process by responding to the topic of Emergence through associative thinking. Rather than getting the science topic right, the project focuses on an exchange of ideas from various perspectives and knowledge practices.

Leaning Out of Windows: Emergence is the second of two exhibitions. A Translation Hub will be held on Saturday, Jan. 25, from 12:30-5pm, in Rennie Hall at Emily Carr University. The panel will bring together artists, physicists, scholars and special guest panelists to discuss the project design, the exhibition and the exchange between artists and scientists. Panelists: Djuna Croon (theoretical physicist), Mimi Gellman (artist), Sanem Güvenç-Salgırlı (sociologist), David Morrissey (theoretical physicist), Ernesto Peña (designer/educator), Kimberly Phillips (art historian).

The exhibition Leaning Out of Windows: Emergence represents the collaborative projects of 11 teams of artists, physicists and scholars:

  • Finding common ground via metaphor: Physicist: Luca Egoriti | Physicist: Oliver Stelzer-Chilton | Scholar: Shelly Rosenblum | Scholar/Artist: Henry Daniel | Artist: Carlyn Yandle (facilitator)
  • Based on...what?: Physicist: Carla Babcock | Scholar/Physicist: James Charbonneau | Artist: Erin Siddall | Artist: Keith Spencer (facilitator)
  • Entropic Recomposition: Physicist: Sarah Dunsiger | Scholar: Steven Barnes | Artist: Karen Kazmer | Artist: Ben Bogart | Artist: Robin Gleason (facilitator)
  • Everything not forbidden is compulsory: Physicist: Pietro Giampa | Scholar: Tara Ivanochko | Artist: Deborah Edmeades | Artist: Christine D’Onofrio | Artist: Jacqueline Turner (facilitator)
  • Decay: Physicist: Doug Bryman | Artist/Scholar: Denise Ferreira da Silva | Artist: Mark Igloliorte | Artist: Sara-Jeanne Bourget (facilitator)
  • Thinking like an Octopus: Physicist: David Morrissey | Scholar: Sanem Güvenç-Salgırlı | Artist: Holly Schmidt | Artist: Emma Soares (facilitator)
  • Visuality: Physicist: Patrick De Perio | Scholar: Alice Wang (facilitator) | Artist: Gwenessa Lam | Artist: Marian Penner Bancroft
  • Knowing/Not Knowing/Unknowing: Physicist: Jess Brewer | Scholar/Artist: Randy Lee Cutler (facilitator) | Artist: Deanna Peters | Artist: Lindsay McIntyre
  • Hidden Sector: Physicist: Djuna Croon | Scholar: Katherine Gillieson | Artist: Leó Stefánsson | Artist: prOphecy sun | Artist: Teo Monsalve (facilitator)
  • Coming into View: Physicist: Ewan Hill | Scholar | Sadira Rodrigues | Artist: Scott Billings | Artist: Roxanne Nesbitt | Artist: Russna Somal (facilitator)
  • Resonances: Physicist: Art Olin | Physicist: Des Ramsey, Scholar | Giorgio Magnanensi (facilitator) | Artist: Brady Marks
About Leaning out of Windows
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