2020 Graduation Awards

About Graduation Awards

Graduation awards celebrate excellence in the works of graduating students. These awards are available to students based on works presented in The Show 2020, as well as GPA or a combination of other criteria.

Most graduation awards are based on criteria developed in consultation with donors, with some requiring supporting materials. If you wish to be considered for an award, please review the Awards Eligibility page to learn which awards you may be qualified to be considered. Where possible, students who identify as Black, Indigenous or as People of Colour will be given strong consideration to receive awards.

How the Award process works

Adjudication | Visual Arts + Design

Students exhibiting works in The Show 2020 will be selected to receive awards in an unbiased manner by calling upon diverse juries of professionals and practitioners, such as artists, designers, filmmakers, animators, and curators. In coordination with the Advancement office, juries will review students’ works in The Show 2020 as well as any additional materials, selecting works that best represent the criteria established for each award.

The DESIS Radical Sustainability and Ecological Design Graduation awards have a separate adjudication process and are selected internally by a diverse faculty selection committee.

Following the adjudication process, students will be notified if they are selected to receive an award or an honourable mention. As a demonstration of gratitude towards donors, students are required to write a thank you letter to the award funder and to have their names published on the Emily Carr University website and in reports to donors.

Adjudication | Media

The President’s Media Awards are adjudicated separately and do not require an application. Please speak to the Assistant Dean in your area if you have any questions.


August 26 - Website live; students may begin applying for awards

September 28 - Application process ends at midnight

October 13 - Juries are expected to meet this week to determine award winners

Note: There are some awards that do not require applications. If you wish, you may select to remove yourself from the award process by checking the I do not wish to receive an award box on the application form below.

Please contact advancement@ecuad.ca if you have any questions about graduation awards or if you need help in completing your application. We are here to help.

How to Apply

Wondering which awards you may be eligible to receive? Use our Award Finder to get an overview of what's available. Having problems? We have prepared an instructional video that walks you through the application process.

Then, go to our Application Form to apply!

Thank you to our donors for supporting students by creating graduation awards!