Bursaries are available to financially needy students at the University. Students must be registered in a minimum of 9 credits for both the fall and spring semesters in order to be eligible. Applications are available from the Financial Aid + Awards office in early February. In order to be considered for bursaries, applicants are expected to exhaust all other forms of financial support including student loans. Bursaries are not normally awarded to students who have not applied for government student assistance.

The Emily Carr Financial Awards Committee reviews all applications in the month of March and recipients can expect to receive bursaries by April 1st of the same term. In April 2022, approximately $108,000 was disbursed to Emily Carr students. These bursaries are made available in part by the generous donations towards the following:

  • Jillian Blatchford Fuller Bursary
  • Wilhelmina + Herbert Craner Bursary
  • Credit Union of BC Foundation Bursary
  • Emily Carr University Bursary
  • Glenna Evans Memorial Bursary
  • Gwyn and Aileen Gunn Bursary
  • Helen Pitt Bursary for Fine Arts
  • Motion Pictures Technicians IATSE Local 891 Bursary
  • Opus Art Supplies Bursary
  • Rennie Foundation Bursary
  • Simons Foundation Bursary
  • Boris Smitlener Memorial Award
  • Jocelyn Tracey Memorial Bursary
  • Barbara and Arne Vengshoel Bursary Endowment Fund
  • Donna and Helmut Meisl Bursary
  • Julie Ann O'Sullivan Memorial Bursary
  • Marianna Schmidt Memorial Bursary
  • Unity Bainbridge Memorial Bursary
  • Cassidy Glaseman Memorial Bursary
  • Judson Beaumont Memorial Bursary
  • Richards Robinson Memorial Bursary
  • Jana Rayne MacDonald Memorial Bursary
  • Chan Family Foundation Bursary

The Stephen A. Corcoran Memorial Award

The Stephen A. Corcoran Memorial Award was created and funded by Stephen's family and friends to honour his creative and artistic legacy by providing encouragement and removing financial barriers for Emily Carr students who have been medically diagnosed as having a significant and chronic mental health condition/disorder.

The annual award has a value of $1,000. Please see the Counselling + Wellness Office for further information.