Getting Around

Using Transit

Vancouver has an accessible public transit system that is a safe and widely used option for transportation, especially for student populations.

The U-Pass BC program provides students in Metro Vancouver with affordable access to public transit. It is a mandatory program for all students, as members of the Emily Carr Students Union. For more information, visit


Cycling is an affordable and popular mode of transportation in Vancouver. Bike lanes separate from vehicle traffic and bike parking throughout the city make it a convenient transportation option. Our campus includes two bike shelters that accommodate 48 bicycles, as well as 14 bicycle lockers. Change rooms and a shower facility are located on the ground floor of the campus. Find bike maps and more at the City of Vancouver website.

Theft of bicycles is common. ECU Security recommends you invest in a sturdy bike lock. The University prohibits the storage of bicycles within the premises or in doorways, railings or anywhere that impedes the flow of pedestrian traffic. Also, please place your bike in a designated storage area or you will risk having it removed by Facilities.

Car Share

When you’re in need of a vehicle outside of the public transportation system, community car share programs and vehicle rental agencies can be found all over the city.

Automobile Licensing + Insurance

If you are bringing a vehicle from out-of-country or out-of-province, ICBC is the auto insurance provider for British Columbia.