Need immediate help?

  • Contact Security at 604-844-3838
  • Or use extension 3838 from any local phone.
  • Or pick up any of the security phones located throughout campus

Campus Safety

The Facilities Office at Emily Carr University manages all of the University's campus spaces including access, lockers, parking, safety and security on a day-to-day basis.

ECU's Emily Alert is a mass emergency notification system that sends a short SMS, email or voice message to students, faculty and staff, alerting them to emergencies that may cause the campus to be closed or evacuated. Learn more and sign up here.

For any Safety or Security concerns, please contact the Facilities Office at 1.604.844.3817 or by email. Visit us in Room D2351.

Campus Security

Security is provided on site by GARDA contract security. Security are on site for the duration of building hours, open the buildings in the morning and secure them in the evening. They provide a number of services, including but not limited to:

  • first aid
  • security patrols
  • access
  • safe walk to vehicles and transit stops
  • monitor fire and security systems
  • investigate thefts and suspicious activity

Black security phones are located throughout campus, and a blue light alert system is available in our parking lot.