Need immediate help?

  • Contact Security at 604-844-3838
  • Or use extension 3838 from any local phone.
  • Or pick up any of the security phones located throughout campus

Emily Alert

Emily Alert is ECU's campus alert system that will notify you of emergency situations.

Emily Alert is a mass emergency notification system that can send a short emergency message to students, faculty and staff, alerting them to emergencies that may cause the campus to be closed or require evacuation of the campus.

An example might look like this: “Due to adverse weather in the Lower Mainland, the campus has been closed for today. Please check the Emily Carr website for updated information.”

Please keep your contact information current to be included when emergency texts, phone calls and emails are sent.

How to register or update your information

  1. Login to myEC
  2. Click on the appropriate link for you: Student; Staff; or Faculty.
  3. Click on "Address Change" under the "My Account" heading to view your registered contact numbers. You can register home, cell, and other numbers
  4. Ensure your preferred email address for important communications is registered here.


How does it work?
Why should I update my information?
Why didn't I receive the alert?
Is the alert system tested?
Will my contact information be shared with anyone?
What kind of messages can I expect to receive?
What should I do if I get a message?