Maintenance + Service Requests

For all maintenance and service requests please email the Johnson Controls (JCI) Help Desk.

    Examples of maintenance and service requests include:

    • Electrical issues or outages
    • Malfunctioning elevators
    • Room temperature issues, lighting issues
    • Personal safety concerns
    • Odours
    • Plumbing issues
    • Slipping hazards
    • Vandalism
    • Broken glass
    • Garbage and recycling requests
    • Cleaning requests
    • Pest control issues.

    If an item is of an urgent nature, please indicate this in the subject line of the email. Urgent items include situations that pose a threat to health and safety. As an example, a burned out light is not an urgent issue, but a chemical spill would be.

    Issues related to furniture, equipment, office changes, or new capital requests should continue to be directed to the Facilities office at