Maintenance + Service Requests

For all maintenance and service requests please email the Johnson Controls (JCI) Help Desk or use this form.

    Examples of maintenance and service requests include:

    • Electrical issues or outages
    • Malfunctioning elevators
    • Room temperature issues, lighting issues
    • Personal safety concerns
    • Odours
    • Plumbing issues
    • Slipping hazards
    • Vandalism
    • Broken glass
    • Garbage and recycling requests
    • Cleaning requests
    • Pest control issues.

    If an item is of an urgent nature, please indicate this in the subject line of the email. Urgent items include situations that pose a threat to health and safety. As an example, a burned out light is not an urgent issue, but a chemical spill would be.

    Issues related to furniture, equipment, office changes, or new capital requests should be directed to the Facilities office at

    For large amounts of cardboard recycling, email Please provide them with a room number. Label what needs to be removed and provide a specific location where items will be left for pick up.