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The Emily Carr OneCard is your University ID card that provides access to library resources, A/V equipment checkout, and campus facilities, including classrooms, shops, studios, and any other areas and resources that are assigned for your specific requirements.

To find out how to get a OneCard, visit this page.


You must be enrolled in a class to receive access to an area. Waitlisted students must wait until they are enrolled in a class to gain OneCard access to an area. If you lose your OneCard, please notify Student Commons to get a replacementOneCard.


Your OneCard will provide yougeneral access around campus and into areas you are specifically teaching in. For Sessional Faculty, access is provided two weeks prior to the start of a semester to allow for prep work, photocopying etc.,and a week after the semester ends.


Your OneCard will provide you with general access around campus and into areas you are specifically working in.

Having trouble with your OneCard?

If your OneCard doesn't work, please email with the following information:

  • your name
  • student/staff/faculty number
  • the areas/rooms where your card won't work

Do not lend your OneCard to anyone or provide access to a restricted area to someone without an access card.

Please notify Facilities, Student Commons, or Security immediately if you lose your OneCard.