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Your Tax Forms Are Almost Ready!

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Posted on February 23, 2023 | Updated February 23, 2023, 8:39am

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Student T2202 and T4A tax forms will be available on February 28.

What are T2202 and T4A tax forms? Why do I need them?

T2202 and T4A are slips that you'll need in order to complete your Canadian income tax return for the Canada Revenue Agency.

Does everyone get a T4A form?

You will only have a T4A if you meet certain conditions. Find out more on our Student Tax Forms page, or our Tuition FAQ.

When and when can I get my T2202 and T4A tax forms?

Your 2022 forms for the previous tax year (January - December) will be available on myEC on February 28th.

What if I can't access myEC or forget my password?

Contact for help.

If you have not logged in for a while you will need to have your password reset in order to gain access to your tax forms. Contact or (Student Services Records + Registration) for assistance.

Where can I get help with my taxes?

ECU staff are not able to provide income tax advice. For information on completing your income taxes, refer to this Canada Revenue Agency page.

Where can I get more information on tax forms?

Visit our Student Tax Forms page, or our Tuition FAQ.