Tuition + Fees FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Degree Program Tuition + Fees

Please send any emails from your address, include your full name and student number in the body of the email, and refrain from sending duplicate emails or cc’ing multiple Financial Services staff.

Tuition Payment Basics

When is my tuition due?
How do I pay?
How much do I owe?
How do I access a receipt of my tuition payment?
What happens if I don’t pay my tuition balance by the deadline?

My Payments

I already completed my payment, but I don’t see it reflected in myEC account. Help!
I paid by credit card through myEC previously, but I can’t do it anymore. Help!
I need helping funding my studies.
My student loan funds will be delayed. What should I do?
My tuition payment will be delayed / I require a bit more time to complete my payment. What can I do?
My account has been restricted. How can I resolve this?

Charges and Balance

Tuition + Fees
U-Pass BC
Extended Health and Dental Plan
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I’m waitlisted for a class. How will this impact my tuition balance?
I plan to add, drop or change a class. How will this impact my tuition balance?
I have a credit (negative number) in myEC account. How do I get it transferred to a new semester or refunded?

Third-Party Payments

How can I find out information regarding my child/friend/family member’s financial account?
My band/employer/organization will sponsor my tuition. What do I need to know?
When will my ECU scholarship or bursary be applied to my account?
I have other questions about my internal or external scholarships/bursaries.
Will my Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant wages be applied towards my tuition balance?

Social Insurance Number (SIN) Requirement

Effective the 2019 tax year, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires all designated educational institutions in Canada to file T2202 Tuition and Enrolment Certificates forms with the CRA. In order to meet this Federal requirement and to prepare your T2202 form, ECUAD will require your Social Insurance Number (SIN). More information on this requirement can be found on the CRA website.

If you have not provided your SIN as part of your student record previously, you can enter it online via myEC Self Service. You only need to provide your SIN once. Please do not email your SIN to the University.

Other Questions

I have questions about parking.
I have questions about lockers.
I have questions about my ID card.
I have questions about Continuing Studies courses.
I have questions about payment vouchers.
I’m a student with questions regarding reimbursement of expenses approved by Staff or Faculty.
Other questions?