Blue Course Evaluation

Welcome to Blue, our new course evaluation platform!

Blue is a comprehensive tool that collects feedback from students and instructors to evaluate course effectiveness and make data-driven decisions. It offers an intuitive interface for students to complete course evaluations, supports multiple question types, and presents compiled data in actionable reports for instructors. Blue ensures anonymous feedback, provides comprehensive evaluation reports to instructors and administrators, and ensures data security through industry-standard measures.

Review our resources below on how to navigate the platform and additional features that you may be interested in. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team by submitting a ticket.

1. Accessing Blue

You can access the course evaluation site at and select the correct user group you are in. You will be prompted to sign in via email if not already signed in.

Alternatively, you can access the course evaluation platform through the following options

Moodle (Students)
Moodle (Faculty)
MyEC (Self-Service)

2. Navigation

Navigation will be different for both Students and Faculty.

Students View
Faculty View

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System Requirements

Cookies must be enabled on any web browser that will be accessing  Blue.

Blue users may routinely be sent email notifications regarding tasks assigned to them and will need to access their tasks through a web browser.

Supported Software

Still having issues?

Common issues
Creating a ticket with IT