What is MyEC?

MyEC is available to Students, staff, faculty and Alumni and provides key functionality in the following areas

  • User profile: Adding/changing Chosen name, home address, phone number and Emergency contact
  • Academic information: Course Catalogue, Registration and planning, viewing courses and grades, and Course evaluations
  • Financial information: Access to Tax slips, paystubs, Payment instructions, etc
  • Employment information: Vacation hours, employment details, etc
  • Quick links: Forms, IT Service Desk contacts, etc.

Need help with your MyEC account?
Start by contacting Student Services.

Want to reset your myEC password?
Go to this page and click "forgot password" or "forgot username".

More questions?
Find FAQs here.

Add a chosen/cultural name to MyEC

You can update your chosen/cultural name in various systems across the university and ensure consistent use of your chosen/cultural first name by lecturers, Student Services Advisors, Academic Advisors, and others.

Once you update your chosen/cultural name, it will be changed in:

  • Display names in M365 email and calendar systems (note: there will be a delay of two days for the systems to sync)
  • MyEC class list 
  • Student Planning and course registration
  • Library and Media Resources systems (Admins view)

We are making efforts to link all systems in MyEC so that when students, faculty, and staff change their chosen/cultural name, the changes are reflected across the platform. Please note that the current database does not support the usage of some special characters as names. Rest assured, we are actively working to address this issue and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. We appreciate your patience in this matter.

Due to current constraints with our software provider, Library updates are usually done every few weeks. If you want your name updated sooner, email with your student number and chosen/cultural name, and we will ensure it gets updated as soon as possible!

          How to add a chosen/cultural name to MyEC

          Please note:

          At present, changing your chosen/cultural name on the MyEC portal does not automatically update your name in all systems.