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Prepare to lead and engage in the cultural and creative industries.

Thrive in the new knowledge economy with graduate studies at Emily Carr University.

Emily Carr offers you the highest calibre of interdisciplinary faculty and progressive research opportunities as the only Canadian institution solely dedicated to creativity. As a practicing artist and aspiring professional the Master of Fine Arts degree or Master of Design degree will enhance your opportunities to contribute to contemporary creative society.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies carefully selects a limited number of design, media and visual arts students to each program, emphasizing opportunities for synergy and collaboration among students, faculty and researcher labs/studios. The result is a dynamic program of study combining practical studio exploration in a professional context, including internship/independent study period, integrated written/visual thesis and a public exhibition.

Graduate Studies at Emily Carr University of Art + Design

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Graduate Studies Panel: Future Artists/Future Designers - November 16th, 2013

FUTURE ARTISTS/FUTURE DESIGNERS Celebrating the pursuit of art, media and design education, Future Artists/Future Designers is a youth summit and open house event where you can meet leading creative innovators, visit Emily Carr’s studios and labs, talk to current students, develop your portfolio, and find out more about programs and admissions to Emily Carr. GRADUATE STUDIES PANEL Learn more about Emily Carr's robust and innovative Graduate Studies Program, delivered through Residency and Low Residency programs. The panel will discuss the Master of Applied Arts Residency and Low Residency programs and also highlight the new Master of Design, a two-year, full-time, research-oriented, interdisciplinary degree for creative professionals at the forefront of design.

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Do I have to be a practicing artist or designer in order to apply?
I have a degree in an unrelated field, can I still apply?
What type of work do you expect students to produce?
How much writing will be required in the program? Are there many academic requirements other than the thesis?
What technological resources are available to students?
Who are the faculty members?
Can I apply for a student loan?
Do you offer entrance scholarships? How can I apply?
Can I attend on a part-time basis?
Can I take longer than two years to complete my degree?
Whom should I ask for a reference?
What are the TOEFL requirements?
How are the internships secured?
Is it possible to do a self-directed internship, such as a residency in lieu of the regular internship?
What types of programs are offered at Emily Carr?