MDes (Interaction)

We are launching a new Interaction Design stream for the Fall of 2019. This course of study encourages a range of context driven, participatory based work addressing innovative practices and emerging concerns in the Interaction Design field.

The Master of Design (Interaction track) is a two-year practice and research based program that supports students with professional experience and undergraduate training in Interaction Design, but also in Communication Design (COMD), Industrial Design (ID), and more.

Curriculum and Thesis

MDes Students in Interaction will follow the same course trajectory and thesis development as those in the Interdisciplinary track, augmenting their experience with additional professional internship opportunities working with local non-profit organizations, government and industry.

The Interaction Design stream focuses on emergent technology from an ethical perspective and taps into aspects of data science as it relates to user experience design. Issues and possibilities in this arena are examined in a designated design studio that focuses on Interaction Design practices and designated research methods and theory courses specialized for Interaction Design.

Students are invited to participate in collaborative design research that addresses:

  • embodied knowledge, aesthetic choices and the connective world
  • digital relations / digital resistance
  • the narrative of data + information as a human right
  • friends, neighbours, allies - linkages with the more than human, new gender relations
  • decoloniality as a practice for agency, indigenous ways of being

As in with the Interdisciplinary track, MDes students in Interaction work closely with their thesis supervisor while also gaining valuable insight and experience from other faculty and peers. As a student, you will learn to identify the context for your own practice through internship offerings, writing projects, group critiques, field trips, and lectures and studio visits from renowned designers.