Installations: Critiques + Presentations


To secure a space for a class or student critique or presentation, please submit your request to the Scheduling Office, Community Bookings as soon as you know your required dates. As midterm and end of term is a very busy time on campus, and space is limited, we ask that you use your assigned classroom whenever possible. However, additional space can be booked during class time if needed. Designated installation spaces may be booked for a maximum of 3 days.

No form required.


Step 1

  • Determine a suitable space for the installation and advise the Scheduling Office, Community Bookings of your plans.
  • Consult with your instructor to go over the scope of the installation and discuss how the installation will be completed.

Your instructor will be included on the final booking confirmation sent by the Scheduling Office, Community Bookings.

Step 2

  • Once a space has been identified a hold will be placed by the Scheduling Office, Community Bookings.
  • You will then be asked to complete the Request to Install Artwork form below.

Step 3

  • When the form has been received it will be checked for completeness before being submitted to Facilities for final approval.
  • If Facilities has questions or concerns about the request, you will be contacted by the Scheduling Office, Community Bookings for further clarification.

While Facilities makes every effort to approve all installations, public safety and protection of property must be considered.

    Step 4

    • Once approved by Facilities, the Scheduling Office, Community Bookings will confirm your booking.
    • An Event Notification will be sent by email outlining the details of the booking that has been made.
      Request to Install Artwork

      Space Usage

      • Any installations found on campus without Facilities approval will be removed at the student’s expense.
      • Installations are not permitted in stairwells, as these are areas of refuge. Additionally, items cannot be hung down through the light wells; when the electronic sensors in the light wells are disturbed, they activate an alarm system and cause emergency gates within the light wells to close.
      • When installing artwork, students are reminded to be respectful of others’ work. If there are items installed in a space, please check with the Scheduling Office, Community Bookings before removing the work.
      • Spaces must be restored to their original condition at the time of deinstall.
      • If any adjustments need to be made, or you no longer require the booking contact the Scheduling Office, Community Bookings.

      Restoration of Space

      Tool and paint supplies are available through the Tool Checkout + Resale Materials. Guidance for filling, sanding, or painting is available from your Studio Technician.