Scheduling Office


Scheduling Office Hours

Monday - Thursday 8:30am - 4:30pm
Closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday

The Scheduling Office manages internal ad hoc room booking requests for staff, students + faculty

Find information about student room bookings on our Student Room Requests page.

Rooms are available for university-related business or curriculum-related use only. If you have questions about usage or would like to inquire about availability, contact the Scheduling Office.

Event vs. Activity

An internal event is organized by ECU staff, faculty or students (i.e. Grad Show, Foundation Show, orientations, screenings, exhibitions, information sessions, guest speakers, etc.).

An internal activity is not considered an event (i.e. meetings, critiques, installations, auditions, student filming, photo shoots, student clubs, workshops, training sessions, defenses, review panels, interviews, presentations).

Information about booking an external event can be found on our Space Rentals page.

I would like to book a room for an:

Internal Event

Complete the Internal Event Request form at least three (3) weeks before your intended on-campus internal event.

We may not be able to accommodate your event if your request is not received within this time frame.

Internal Activity
Online or Hybrid Event

Bookable Rooms + Spaces

Theatres, Boardrooms + Lecture Halls
Classrooms, General + Studio
Critique + Installation Spaces
Computer Labs
Public Spaces

Exhibition spaces in the Michael O’Brian Exhibition Commons (MOEC) on Levels 1 and 2, the RBC Media Gallery and the Reliance Atrium are booked through the Libby Leshgold Gallery.

Email to inquire about availability.