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The Scheduling Office manages internal ad hoc room booking requests for faculty, staff and students.

Rooms are available for university-related business or curriculum-related use only. If you have questions about usage or would like to inquire about availability, contact the Scheduling Office.

Find information about student room bookings on our Student Room Requests page.

Event vs Activity

To help you plan, we’ve defined events vs activities below.

An event is organized by ECU staff, faculty or students, and is typically open to the public.

If your plans include any of the following criteria it is considered an event and an Event Request form must be submitted.

  • Requires technical support
  • Is open to members of the public
  • Has an audience of more than 25 people and is not related to a required curricular activity

All events require you to complete a Risk Assessment. Your event will be conditionally approved until the risk assessment has been reviewed and approved by Alex Dove, Manager of Health + Safety.

Please submit your risk assessment before you fill out the Event Request form.

We recommend attendees continue to do a daily self-assessment using the BC COVID-19 app.

Online events include Zoom meetings and webinars, and require support for CTS. Hybrid events may combine in-person programming and virtual elements, and may require risk assessments depending on the live components.

An internal activity is typically tied to curriculum (e.g., related to a class or program requirement) or university-related business. Activities may also include small extracurricular events (under 25 people) that are limited to staff, students, and faculty. Some examples of activities include: meetings, student clubs, photoshoots, installations, critiques, auditions, and student film shoots.

I would like to book an:

Online or Hybrid Event

Bookable Rooms + Spaces

Theatres, Boardrooms + Lecture Halls
Classrooms, General + Studio
Computer Labs
Critique + Installation Spaces
4th Floor Gallery Spaces
Public Spaces
Michael O’Brian Exhibition Commons