Student Room Requests

Students may book a room for curriculum-related use only. This includes, but is not limited to, meetings, installations, critiques, exhibitions, photo shoots, rehearsals + filming.

Email your booking request to Be sure to include the following:

  • Your name + ECU ID
  • ECU email
  • Date(s) of use
  • Start time + End time *Please include time for set-up, take-down + sanitation of the space.
  • Description of booking including technical support requirements, if needed.
  • Desired room

    When a room has been determined, and a hold placed, complete the applicable form below and return it to the Scheduling Office for review. The form will be checked for completeness before the request is approved.

    Once approved, the Scheduling Office will release the hold and book the space. An Event Notification will be sent by email confirming that the booking has been made.

    If any adjustments need to be made, or you no longer require the booking, contact the Scheduling Office.

    To book a room for an installation, complete the form found on the Student Installation Requests page.