Academic Advising

We help you forge your path your way.

Academic Advising at ECU helps undergraduate students to take responsibility for their education. Your advisor can assist you with:

Educational planning

Advisors assist you in creating your education plan. They can help you pursue your plans to complete your major and/or minor.

Reading + interpreting program evaluations

The Program Evaluation (My Progress in Student Planning) is a powerful tool for selecting courses toward graduation. Advisors can help you review your program requirements and counsel you on your academic plans, course and major selection, and discuss academic opportunities available to you.

Assistance with major or minor selection

If you are considering adding a minor or changing your current academic program, advisors can help you explore the requirements of various majors and minors.

Registration planning

Advisors can help you understand registration restrictions, explore course options, review registration holds, and assist with planning and preparing for registration periods.

Policy related questions

Advisors can explain university policies and procedures and assist you in completing related forms.

Advising session expectations

All students are encouraged to meet with advisors periodically throughout their studies. The following specific student groups are strongly encouraged to meet with advisors:

  • Third year students should make appointments in the Spring semester before summer registration to aid in planning for their final year.
  • Students going on exchange should make appointments prior to leaving for their exchange program.
  • Students who change their major.

Other kinds of advising

Emily Carr has many people who are here specifically to help you make the most of your university experience.