Program Requirement Worksheets

These at-a-glance worksheets will allow you to see the course requirements for each program. Worksheets are grouped by year.

Please consult your program evaluation on myEC for the most current information on your course requirements.

What are Critical Studies Courses?

The short answer is that Critical Studies = Academic. Critical studies electives can be filled with courses beginning with the following mnemonics:

AHIS-Art HistoryMHIS-Media History
DHIS-Design HistorySCIE-Science
HUMN-HumanitiesSOCS-Social Science

Everything else is a studio class. To help get familiar with all the courses and mnemonics, check out the Current Course Listings.

Ever wonder what the difference is between Humanities, Social Science and Science?

  • Humanities courses include: philosophy, literature, art history, classical studies and language.
  • Social Science courses include: psychology, anthropology, political science, sociology and women's studies.
  • Science courses include: biology, chemistry, earth science, wood science, physics, astronomy, oceanography and mathematics.