Applying to / Switching Majors

Applying to Second Year Majors

Applications to second-year majors starting Fall 2022 will be available online at this site beginning March 15, 2022. Applications will be due April 01, 2022.

All first-year students completing a minimum of 21.0 Foundation year credit requirements with no more than 3.0 credits of studio and 6.0 credits of critical studies deficiencies by the end of the spring term or by the end of the summer term are eligible to apply to a major program.

Acceptance into all program majors will be determined by ranking students using their GPA. Students will be able to select three majors in order of preference.

NOTE: The minimum GPA required for admission to Critical + Cultural Practice is 3.0.

Decisions will be confirmed before the end of April.

Switching or Changing Majors

As the university has limited space and facilities, students are normally required to complete their degrees in four years of full-time study. However, the university respects the fact students sometimes discover a more appropriate major in the course of their study and feel a need to change. In such cases, the following policies apply to students who seek to change to another major:

  • No student shall be permitted more than two changes of major.
  • Changes of Major may not be made by students who have started the fourth year in a major.
  • Students changing from one major to another will normally be required to begin their studies at less than the senior level and must make up all core courses for the new major.

All students seeking to switch majors must complete a Change of Major application form available online in the new year beginning March 15, 2021. Applications are due April 01, 2021.

Decisions will be confirmed by mid-April. Switching of majors will be permitted only beginning in the fall semester each year and only if space permits.

Acceptance for change of major applicants into all program majors will be determined by ranking students using their cumulative GPA.

If you have questions, contact our Admissions team at