Advisor-Advisee Responsibilities

Academic advising is a reciprocal relationship between academic advisors and advisees. Below is useful information regarding the expectations of advisors and advisees in the academic advising relationship.

Advisor Responsibilities

  • Be accessible to students through office hours and appointments;
  • Know curricular requirements for degree programs;
  • Assist students in discerning their educational goals, including discussion of choice of major and/or minor;
  • Assess students’ needs and make appropriate referrals to services;
  • Monitor student progress and discuss concerns, including intervention during the current semester;
  • Interpret and implement Emily Carr policies and procedures;
  • Affirm that students are ultimately responsible for their own decisions and the outcomes of those decisions.

Student Responsibilities

  • Approach the advising process with informed questions and adequate preparation;
  • Proactively use the resources provided by Emily Carr;
  • Regularly check their academic records and maintain current contact information through myEC;
  • Activate and regularly check their university e-mail;
  • Be aware of their program and degree requirements and projected date of graduation;
  • Be aware of posted registration deadlines (add, drop, withdraw, and refund) and complete all registration activities within these deadlines;
  • Meet as needed with an advisor during posted office hours or by appointment;
  • Be respectful when communicating with others at the university.