International Students

International Students

Emily Carr welcomes outstanding international students from over 50 countries.

We aim to promote success in learning through the support of our international students in their adjustment to a Canadian education experience.

Here, you'll find information regarding:

  • study permits
  • travel to Canada
  • health insurance (BC Medical Services Plan)
  • working in Canada

For aid with off-campus housing, visit our Housing Guide.

For the latest COVID-19 information, visit our COVID-19 updates page.

Effective November 30, 2021, fully vaccinated individuals with the right of entry to Canada who depart and re-enter the country within 72 hours of leaving Canada will not have to present a pre-entry molecular test.

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Updates for Ukrainian Students

Study Permits + Visas

If you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you will need to apply for a valid study permit to live and study in Canada.

If you are currently enrolled at a Canadian secondary, post-secondary or language school, you may need to apply for a new study permit. You can extend or change the terms of your permit from within Canada.

2023 Study Permit Application Schedule

Travelling to Canada

If travelling by plane, you are encouraged to take the most direct flight from your country to your final destination to limit your contact with others as much as possible. All flights into Canada will land in Calgary, Montréal, Toronto, or Vancouver.

When transiting airports, local rules, and international restrictions and procedures, see the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Pre-Departure Documents
Valid Documents
Arrival in Canada
Transportation from the Airport

Working in Canada

Working as a Student
Post-Graduation Work Permit

Health Insurance

If you will be living in British Columbia, you are required to obtain health insurance coverage through the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP).

While you are waiting for your MSP coverage, you are required by law to have private comprehensive health and accident insurance. You MUST arrange for private medical insurance prior to arriving on campus. Emily Carr University recommends or you may choose your own private insurance company (we recommend minimum $2 million coverage).

BC Medical Services Plan (BC MSP)

BC Medical Services Plan is the public health insurance program provided by the province of British Columbia. Enrollment in the BC MSP program is mandatory for all international students with a valid study permit who plan to reside in British Columbia for longer than six months. The time from when a student signs up to having active enrollment can take as long as three months. As such, we strongly encourage international students to enrol in this program as soon as they arrive in Canada.

BC MSP Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need BC MSP?
When should I apply for BC MSP?
How much does the BC MSP program cost per month?
What benefits are covered by the BC MSP?
Why do I need private health insurance before arriving in Canada?
When do I begin paying for the BC MSP?
Do I still need BC MSP if I already have GSC Greenshield health insurance coverage from the Emily Carr Student Union?
How do I contact Health Insurance BC?

Contact Us

Do you have a question about our certificate programs through Continuing Studies? Visit their contact page to find the right person to speak to.

Are you an incoming or current degree student with questions about visas, health care, working and living in Canada? We're here to help!


Vincent Ternida

International Student Advisor

Pronouns: He/Him

604-844-3800 ext. 2998 |

Hello! My name is Vincent Ternida, and I am the International Student Advisor here at Emily Carr.

In my role, I help with study permits, visas and healthcare (BC MSP + Guard.Me), getting a SIN number and adjusting to life in Vancouver.

If you are on campus and you want to chat, come see me anytime. I am also available to meet by appointment (you can book via My office is located in the Student Commons.

Contact the International Student Advisor