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Learn about plans for health and wellness, and medical health insurance requirements in Canada.

Here are three things you should know about medical health insurance in Canada:

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Step 1: Understand your temporary medical insurance coverage.

All new international students will be automatically enrolled in the AwayCare for four months before they enrol into the BC MSP. Coverage will begin September 1st for the fall semester and January 1st for the Spring semester. If you arrive early before the semester starts, please contact to learn options for early coverage.

You can opt out of this temporary insurance if you provide proof that you have adequate coverage from another service provider.

Step 2: Apply for coverage through BC Medical Services Plan (BC MSP).

BC MSP is a mandatory public health insurance plan for everyone who lives in BC for six months or longer.

The plan covers the cost of basic medical care within Canada, including most physician and hospital services.

Students must apply for the BC MSP once you arrive in BC. As it takes up to three months to be enrolled in the MSP, ECU’s new international students will be automatically enrolled in AwayCare temporary medical coverage while waiting for their MSP card.

Apply for your MSP here.

Students who cannot confirm MSP that they have coverage three months after entry may have a hold placed on their student account.

BC MSP is mandatory for your entire time studying at ECU.

BC MSP Frequently Asked Questions

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Step 3: Visit Emily Carr Student Union (ECSU) Health and Dental

Visit ECSU Health and Dental to ensure you qualify for extended coverage. Students can opt-out of the plan provided they have alternate extended care options. There is a deadline for opting out. ECSU extended Health and Dental is not available to students starting their program in the Summer semester.