M365 Windows Learning and Support

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Add a chosen name to MyEC

How to add a chosen name to MyEC

Setup Outlook on Windows for the first time

Steps for Outlook setup

Getting Started with Email

How to nativate the Quick Access Bar
How to create a new email message
How to create a signature
How to reply to or forward an email message
How to add a shared mailbox manually
How to add a shared mailbox through Automap
How to add a shared mailbox (Outlook Web Application)
How to setup a mail merge from a shared mailbox account
How to create an Email Rule
How to add an Out of Office auto-reply
How to create an email message template
How to send an email message based on a template

Getting Started with Calendar

How to create a new Outlook Calendar appointment
How to dismiss reminders for Outlook past event automatically
How to share the Calendar
How to overlay the calendars
Adding a Zoom Meeting to your Calendar
How to move or copy events to another calendar

MSOutlook for Windows Additional Resources

Outlook Calendar Cheat Sheet (Windows)

MSOutlook FAQs

Will Outlook work without VPN?
What is Focused View in my email inbox? How do I turn it off?
Will my email address change after ECU migrates to MSOutlook?
Can I keep using Thunderbird after ECU migrates to MSOutlook?
After I migrated to Outlook some of my emails are missing. Why?
How to change the default font in emails?
How do I disable new email notifications?
How to enable MFA on a Mobile Device
Exporting Contact Group from Thunderbird to Outlook (PC)
How to add .ics file to my Outlook calendar