Accelerated Visual Arts Foundation

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Note: This program is currently under review. It will be offered again in a different capacity in the future. Interested applicants are encouraged to check back here for updates.

What You Will Learn

Build connections with fellow artists as you gain an introduction to the skills, concepts and approaches to working in visual arts.

You’ll split your time between hands-on studio work in drawing, sculpture, and time-based processes; learning creative processes; and engaging with humanities and writing.

At the end of 15 weeks, you will be well on your journey to a bachelor’s degree from Canada’s #1 university to study art and design.


NOTE applications to Fall 2023 are now closed, please contact admissions@ecuad.ca regarding future intakes.

Where ECU Can Take You

Career Pathway

Program Structure

Summer Term

Complete 21 credits over 15 weeks.

Courses run for seven weeks, pause for a Break Week, and continue for a final seven weeks. See below for the detailed schedule.

FNDT 115 Indigenous Presence (3 hours a week)

FNDT 164 Core Visual Arts Studio (6 hours a week)

FNDT 165 Core Interdisciplinary Studio (6 hours a week)

HUMN 100 Academic Core (6-9 hours a week)

Fall Term

Start your second year in the Fall term*

HUMN 101: Academic Core I

+ 9 credits of studio in the Visual Arts area.

*based on meeting minimum credit requirements

Example Courses

Designation: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Majoring in Visual Arts (BFA, Visual Arts)

Faculty: The Audain Faculty of Art

You will also have the opportunity to complete a Minor in Curatorial Studies, Art + Text, or Social Practice + Community Engagement.

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Length and time of study

Term 1 – Tuesday, May 08 to Saturday, June 24
University closed on Monday, May 22, Victoria Day.

Break Week – Monday, June 26 to Saturday, July 01

University closed on Saturday, July 01, Canada Day.

Term 2 – Tuesday, July 4 to Saturday, August 19

University closed on Monday, August 07, BC Day.

“If you want to go out into the world and make this your profession, you have to know what you're all about. Art school sort of makes it so you can carve out that place for yourself, and that was a big part of it. Emily Carr gave me that community to draw from, gave me the drive, and gave me the language to put this whole thing together.”

Erin Boniferro, BFA 2003

Meet Your Future Community