Critical + Cultural Practices Major

  • Intro

    Making meaning, meaningful making.

    Strengthen your studio practice through academic inquiry, drawing on art history, cultural theory, and criticism.

    All our majors commence upon completion of our Foundation Year requirements.

    If you wish to pursue graduate, advanced or post-baccalaureate studies after your undergraduate degree, this program provides you with opportunities to enhance critical writing and scholarship, while continuing to build your visual arts practice, the Critical and Cultural Practices Major is for you. Acquire a solid 120-credit liberal arts education, with academic classes that make up half of your curriculum, then explore visual and material practice with the other half of your studies undertaken in-studio.

    Through a rigorous academic program, you will study art history, design history, English, humanities, media history, science, social sciences and writing. These courses are designed with your practice in mind, in order to bring modern and contemporary approaches to the creation of material and textual culture. This interdisciplinary approach allows you to chart your own path while fostering connections between theory and practice.

  • Pathways

    You will become part of a community of highly skilled practitioners, visionaries and creative problem-solvers, with the knowledge to enter the visual arts and culture sector and to contribute from a variety of perspectives.

    Inspiring job titles of our graduates

    Executive Director, Curatorial Assistant, Senior Project Manager, Program Developer, Process Manager, Lead Consultant, Morning Show Co-Host, Strategic Change Agent, Chief News Editor

    Dynamic employers that have recruited our graduates

    City of Burnaby, Vancouver Sun, Howe Street Gallery of Fine Art, Jatoba Contracting Inc., Mobify, Vancouver Whitecaps, Vital Insight, UNIT/PITT Society for Art and Critical Awareness, Artistik Rezo

  • Program

    After first year Foundation studies at Emily Carr, you will apply to enter the Critical + Cultural Practices Major in your second year.

    Your studies will focus steadily in this field over the last three years of your four year degree. Upon completion you will achieve the undergraduate degree and designation, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Majoring in Critical + Cultural Practices (BFA, Critical + Cultural Practices). See the Admissions section about application information for undergraduate, international, transfer, and aboriginal students.

    Most courses you will take are worth three credits. A standard 120 credits are required to complete your degree.

  • Aims

    The Critical + Cultural Practices major, Bachelor of Fine Arts, prepares you to contribute to the arts and culture sector. With this innovative career-focused, practice-oriented degree major you are well-positioned to apply your skills in the workplace or to pursue further advanced academic study.

    The Bachelor of Fine Arts, Critical + Cultural Practices Major aims to:

    • equip you with the critical, theoretical, research, and studio skills and knowledge necessary to become socially engaged practitioners;
    • impart advanced liberal art and visual arts knowledge to you, as they relate to visual culture and practice;
    • foster your conceptual and technical knowledge in the visual arts through a studio-based education reflecting the diversity and complexity of contemporary art practices across mediums and technologies;
    • prepare you with a solid contextual understanding of critical and cultural practices so you may enter the knowledge-based economy as a relevant contributor to the arts and culture sector;
    • foster a dynamic critical and visual arts culture and community within Vancouver, British Columbia, and Canada, as well as strengthen arts culture regionally and globally.