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Now that you have learned the basics of registering and troubleshooting on myEC, it’s time to choose which term you’ll be entering at ECU.

We recommend mapping out a course plan in MyProgress, an application where you can plan out the courses you need for your degree and schedule them by term.

Access MyProgress from your MyEC account. Choose Student Planning from the menu. Once you have scheduled out the term - select your term below to learn about the course listings and key dates to bookmark ahead of your registration.

First-year registration

Whether you’ll be entering ECU as a first-year direct entry student or transferring across from a previous institution, all our undergraduate programs begin with Foundation. The First year is made up of 30 credits of studio and critical studies courses and to complete it within an academic year, you must register for 15 credits each term, Fall and Spring.

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Undergraduate registration

Not sure how to register for your next term or having trouble using myEC or Student Planning? Take a quick refresher on the process with our registration guide or FAQ.

Once you’ve selected your courses, choose your term below for further details.

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