Registration FAQs

Attendance and Student Responsibility

You are reminded that attendance is mandatory and unexcused absences may affect your grade. You will not be dropped from a course for non-attendance. If you do not properly drop or withdraw within the published deadlines you will have an "F" grade recorded on your transcript and you will be responsible for full tuition fees.

Please be courteous and inform your instructors ahead of time if you have to miss a class. Faculty email addresses can be found through the employee directory.

Logging in

What's my username?
What's my password?
I forgot my password.
I tried logging in a few times and now my account is frozen.
How do I read the course codes?
How do I search for courses?
How do I view and edit my Plan schedule?
How do I find online courses?


How do I register for courses on my plan/schedule?
How will the 'Register Now' button activate? / There is no 'Register Now' button.
It says I’m in a course overload. How many credits can I take?
What are ‘Release Days’?
I won’t be able to register for classes on my registration date. What can I do?

Adding and dropping courses

How do I add a course?
How do I drop a course?
I’m trying to drop from all my courses and it won’t let me.
I’ve created my account on myEC, but how do I add my courses?
I realized I don't want to take a certain course. How can I drop this course?
I don't want to continue in the course I am in. How can I withdraw from this course?


How do I check on my waitlist status?
I really want to take this course but it's full. What is the process to register?


I missed the message that I could register from a waitlist and now I can’t register.
Student Planning says I don't have the prerequisite, but I think I do.
It says my required course is full. What do I do?
I have a Hold on my file and I can't register. What do I do?

Video Tutorials + Updates

Set up your MyEC account

Student Planning: Make a Plan (with captions)

Student Planning: Register and Waitlist

Summer Specific | Registration

Get help with registration

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