Note on Security

Please note that during the Show we will welcome numerous people into our building. People may inadvertently damage pieces by knocking over unstable items and breaking off fragile parts. If your piece might be susceptible to this type of damage, please mention this on your Application form and discuss this issue with the Grad Show Committee, with a view to being provided with a location more sheltered from the visitors of the exhibition. Also, although we employ extra security during the Show, we have in the past experienced some thefts from installations.

As with the regular school term, you are financially responsible for the cost of any theft of, or damage to, any ECU equipment in your possession. If you provide your own –or rental– equipment, ECU will not be responsible for any theft of, or damage to, this equipment. Please ensure that any valuable equipment is secured as well as possible. All equipment supplied by the university will be secured by Gallery Technicians after installation, we will not be providing security cables for rental/personal equipment and valuable items on display.

The University is not responsible for any theft, loss or damages of any exhibit, so be sure to secure your exhibit, particularly if there is considerable monetary or personal value to it. Please make sure to secure valuable (monetary or personal) belongings that you might hold dear or reconsider whether you should exhibit them.