The Show | Campus Exhibition FAQs

You can find answers to most of your questions pertaining to pre-exhibition planning and post exhibition below. For install-specific questions please refer to Evaluate Your Submission and Install Guidelines.


When and where can we exhibit?
How much work can I exhibit?
I need help thinking through my proposal. Who should I talk to?
How much technical assistance can I expect?
If I have planned to have my work in a specific place, how can I guarantee my work will be in that location? Can I have a space to myself?
How do I deal with special requirements (power, dark or quiet room, a/v room, natural light, etc)?
Who does the labels for my work?


Who will maintain and operate my media piece (video monitors, slides, etc.)?
How will people be able to contact me about my work?
I need my work to be deinstalled before the Show closes, what do I do?
Will the university store my work after the exhibition comes down?