Accessibility Services

This is your university. Make the most of it.

If you are a student with accessibility requirements, Accessibility Services will help maximize your success and experience at Emily Carr University.

Prior to applying, you may wish to contact us to discuss any specific concerns. When you register, we ask that you submit an accommodation request (you can do it online). At that point, we will set up an initial meeting to discuss accessibility accommodations and requirements so they can be in place prior to commencement of classes. We can also assist with study skills, strategy instruction, time management or request referral to other support services.

The important part is to start the process early. Upon acceptance, visit CONNECTand see our Accessibility Services tools and resources for enrolled students.

2015 - Robyn Spencer - Token Trailer

Token is a film that uses animated dance to follow a choreographed storyline behind one single dancer in a simplistic black and white aesthetic. The focus falls on her as the lead role proves herself through tumultuous forces, and concludes on a serene note and leaves the her feeling accomplished and together, having taken something after enduring a difficult process.