Student Wellness Advocate

Student Wellness Advocate

Making a Complaint

If you have experienced or witnessed incidents of harm or violence, you may want to reach out to discuss your complaints and explore your options for proceeding, without moving forward with a formal report, with a Student Wellness Advocate.

Incidents of harm or violence may include but are not limited to:

  • sexual or gender-based violence
  • harassment and bullying
  • discrimination and racism
  • disruptive, threatening or violent behavior

The Student Wellness Advocate is here to listen within a confidential conversation until you determine that you want to take formal action.

During your meetings with the Student Wellness Advocate, you can expect to:

  • lead the process
  • review informal channels to seek resolution
  • receive information on university policies and procedures
  • learn how to make third party and anonymous complaints, and formal reports
  • learn about resources and supports you can access

If you choose to take formal action, the Student Wellness Advocate is available to provide advocacy, and accompany and support you in formal proceedings.

To meet with the Student Wellness Advocate, contact

Individual Wellness Coaching Appointments

Another role of the Student Wellness Advocate is to provide individual coaching appointments.

The Student Wellness Advocate is knowledgeable and informed of the current stressors and wellness needs and challenges of the student body, and provides guidance, strategies and resources to address these needs. The mandate of the Student Wellness Advocate is to foster student agency and empower students.

Coaching is available for:

  • support and guidance in accessing and navigating university academic and non-academic policies, procedures, and appeals
  • guidance on navigating federal and provincial benefits for students related to COVID-19
  • addressing and preventing feelings of loneliness and isolation
  • navigating new technology for online classrooms and studios
  • practicing time management and motivation
  • unique support related to COVID-19 benefits

Due to the necessary distancing measures that are required by COVID-19, these coaching appointments are available by phone.

To book a coaching appointment with the Student Wellness Advocate, contact