Graduate Admissions FAQs

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that answers many questions about admissions and applying to graduate programs at Emily Carr.

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Admissions FAQs

When is the application deadline?
How do I apply?
I have a degree in a field outside of art or design. Can I apply?
Who will be a good reference for me?
Should I submit my transcript and/or English language proficiency test score?
What should my portfolio include?
Is it possible to tour the campus or attend events for prospective students?
I applied on EducationPlannerBC. What should I do next?
How will I know the result of my application?
Who should I reach out to if I have questions?
How much will tuition and fees cost?
Can I start my studies in winter or spring?
Does Emily Carr University offer an application fee waiver?
Can I submit an application for an entrance scholarship upon applying?

Program FAQs

Is the graduate program practice-based?
Will I write a thesis?
How long is the program?
How do I register for classes?
Who will be my thesis supervisor?
Will I have a studio space?
Is funding available for ECU graduate students?
Can I see some examples of grad students’ projects?
What courses will I take as an ECU graduate student?
How many other students are in the program?
Will I have access to career help?
Are there clubs or interest groups I can join?
Where can I learn more about other services, like counselling, accessibility, wellness, housing...?
I’m an international student and have some questions. Who can I talk to?