Pension + Employee Savings Plans

ECU has two pension plans for employees, the College Pension Plan and the Municipal Pension Plan, through the BC Pension Corporation.

Through financial administration provided by iA Financial Group, our Support Staff also has the option to save under the Vancouver Employees’ Savings Plan (VESP).

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Pension Corporation

BC Pension Corporation is one of the largest professional pension service providers in Canada and serves the largest public sector pension plans in British Columbia.

The College Pension Plan and the Municipal Pension Plan are defined-benefit pension plans, which are pension plans where one’s monthly lifetime pension is based on a specific formula that includes their years of pensionable service and the average of their five highest years of salary. Both the employee and the employer contribute to the plan, and those contributions are pooled and invested.

Information on the pension plans may be found at their websites, including enrolment guidelines, the Guide for Plan Members, and a general pension estimator.

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