Emily Carr University's Accessibility Plan

Emily Carr University is proud to present this initial blueprint toward a fully realized accessibility plan that strives to create an inclusive, barrier-free environment for everyone who engages with our learning institution. This plan represents the first step of many as we come together as a community to undertake this deeply important work.

Members of ECU’s community and guests are welcome and encouraged to provide feedback about accessibility at Emily Carr by contacting: .

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Strategic Planning at ECU

As a learning institution with an expanding and diverse community, we know that creating our future together involves ongoing reflection, study, and visioning. This is why we're currently working to create the university's next strategic plan.

Emily Carr’s last strategic plan was a four-year plan covering priorities, goals, and activities from 2017 to 2021. The plan looked at eight commitments to maintain our core strengths and develop our emerging and potential strengths.

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Strategic Plan to 2021

Emily Carr University's strategic plan contends with our institution's priorities, strengths and possibilities from 2017–2021.

The plan looks at eight commitments towards maintaining our core strengths, and developing our emerging and potential strengths.

Each commitment articulates a priority for the university, has a series of attainable goals, and addresses the actions already under way in achieving each goal.

Download ECU's Strategic Plan to 2021

Institutional Accountability Plan + Report

Each year, public post-secondary institutions submit Institutional Accountability Plans and Reports to the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training in July. The reports include the institution’s goals, objectives and performance measure results along with contextual information to describe the institution's role in providing service to their students and communities

View ECU's 2022/2023 Institutional Accountability Plan and Report.

You can also find ECU's and other post-secondary institutions' accountability reports on the Government of British Columbia's website.

Public Sector Executive Compensation Disclosure Statements

In British Columbia, organizations defined by the Public Sector Employers Act are statutorily required to disclose all compensation that is paid to the Chief Executive Officer and the next four highest ranking or highest paid executives with decision-making authority earning an annualized base salary of $125,000 or greater during a fiscal year.

The annual executive compensation disclosure is based on the best practice of complete transparency and therefore, full accountability for compensation paid to executives in public sector organizations in British Columbia.

You can find ECU's annual executive compensation disclosures on the Government of British Columbia's website.

Audited Financial Statements

Post-secondary institutions prepare annual audited financial statements to satisfy financial reporting requirements of the various act governing post-secondary institutions and to conform with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

You can find ECU's 2024 Audited Financial Statements here and previous Audited Financial Statements on the Government of British Columbia's website.

Quality Assurance Process Audit

Like all BC public institutions, ECU participates in the Government of British Columbia’s Quality Assurance Process Audit (QAPA). This ongoing external review process ensures that public post-secondary institutions rigorously assess their program and institutional quality.

Phase One

Phase One of this process is the compilation of an Institution Report which documents ECU’s current approach to program review and quality assurance and identifies areas for future improvement. This report is used to inform Phase Two of the audit process — the external review and site visit.

Read the Institution Report here.

Phase Two
On January 18-19, 2023, ECU was visited by a team of external reviewers for the second phase of the Quality Assurance Process Audit, a program of institutional review instituted in 2016 by the Government of British Columbia’s Degree Quality Assessment Board.

The external review team reviewed ECU’s QAPA Institutional Report and met with areas that have recently undergone program review to speak directly to ECU community members. The report they produced following that site visit offers feedback and suggestions to improve ECU’s internal processes for reviewing degree and certificate programs.

The Quality Assurance steering committee is currently reviewing this report which they will use to prepare a final report and action plan which will be submitted to the Degree Quality Assessment Board in May 2023

Read the Assessor's Report here.