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Accounting for student success.

Emily Carr University of Art + Design is a public institution governed in accordance with the University Act of British Columbia.

It operates with a bicameral governance system with a duly constituted Board of Governors and Senate both of which include representation from faculty, staff, administration and students.


Senate is the senior academic governing body at Emily Carr and has responsibility for academic degree programs, curriculum, evaluation and the granting of degrees.

Senate has 25 members including the Chancellor, President + Vice-Chancellor, VP Academic, Executive Director Student Services + Registrar, all Deans, University Librarian, two faculty members elected from each Faculty, four students elected by the students, an alumni member, two support staff elected by staff, and a Board representative.

Senate meets monthly during the academic year and further information on its committees, meeting dates, previous minutes and Senate Bylaws can be found on this site.

Chancellor Carleen Thomas

President + Vice-Chancellor Gillian Siddall (Chair)

Vice President Academic + Provost Trish Kelly (Vice-Chair)

Deans of Faculties

Diyan Achjadi, Interim Dean, Faculty of Culture + Community
Celeste Martin, Dean, Ian Gillespie Faculty of Design + Dynamic Media
Kyla Mallett, Dean, Audain Faculty of Art
Steven Lam, Associate Vice President Research + Dean, Jake Kerr Faculty of Graduate Studies

University Librarian Suzanne Rackover

Executive Director, Student Services + Registrar Kevin Bird (Secretary of Senate)

Faculty Members (2 from each Faculty)

  1. Mimi Gellman, Faculty of Culture + Community, Term: 2019/09/01 - 2022/07/31
  2. Chris Jones, Faculty of Culture + Community, Term: 2021/08/01 – 2024/07/31
  3. Sophie Gaur, Ian Gillespie Faculty of Design + Dynamic Media, Term: 2021/08/01 - 2024/07/31
  4. Eugenia Bertulis, Ian Gillespie Faculty of Design + Dynamic Media, Term: 2021/08/01 - 2024/07/31
  5. Hélène Day Fraser, Jake Kerr Faculty of Graduate Studies, Term: 2016/09/01 - 2022/07/31
  6. Louise St. Pierre, Jake Kerr Faculty of Graduate Studies, Term: 2018/08/01 - 2024/07/31
  7. Rachelle Sawatsky, Audain Faculty of Art, Term: 2021/08/01 - 2024/07/31
  8. Ben Reeves, Audain Faculty of Art, Term 2021/10/05 - 2024/07/31

Students (4)

  1. Melanie Camman, Term: 2021/08/01 - 2022/07/31
  2. Stephanie Schneider, Term: 2021/08/01 - 2022/07/31
  3. Ishika Tripathi, Term: 2021/08/01 - 2022/07/31
  4. Charles Simon, Term: 2021/03/01 - 2021/07/31

Alumni Member (1)

  1. Pierre Leichner, Term: 2021/08/01 - 2024/07/31

Support Staff (2)

  1. Danielle Zandvliet, Term: 2018/12/05 - 2021/07/31
  2. Cybèle Creery, Term: 2017/12/04 - 2023/07/31

Board-Appointed Member (Non-voting)

  1. Keith Kerrigan, Term: 2020/09/17 - 2021/09/17