Staff Excellence Awards

The ECU Staff Excellence Awards is a Human Resources program to recognize staff members who exhibit and promote the university's values and have demonstrated excellence in their service to the university. Their efforts and achievements support their colleagues and the community in advancing the mission and goals of the university.

Staff can be nominated by fellow staff members, administrators, students or faculty.

These awards are open to:

  • ECU staff members (CUPE or Administrators).
  • Full-time or part-time permanent employees.
  • Previous recipients will not be eligible for 3 years after receiving the award.

There will be two awards, each consisting of a $500 cash prize.

  1. Staff Excellence Award for Distinguished Service (open to staff with a minimum of 10 years of service)
    This award is intended to recognize the long-term contributions of staff who have created lasting positive impacts at ECU under the award criteria.
  2. Staff Excellence Award for Achievement (open to all staff, regardless of the length of service)
    This award is intended to recognize staff who have demonstrated significant achievement under the award criteria.

Award Criteria
The Staff Excellence Awards aim to recognize staff contributions and commitment to the core values of the university. Nominees should demonstrate one or more of the following:

  1. Equity, diversity and inclusivity: Exemplifies strong advocacy for equity and diversity. Values, respects, and supports community members across a broad range of differences to enhance a sense of belonging and inclusion. Demonstrated formal or informal leadership by embracing inclusivity through positive interactions and leveraged differences to develop a creative and innovative workplace.
  2. Indigeneity and decolonization: Actively engages with colleagues and the community in demonstrated ways to support Indigeneity and decolonization through an intersectional lens.
  3. Community well-being, health, and safety: Goes “above and beyond” to create a safe and respectful working and learning environment for students and employees. Demonstrated a significant positive impact on the Emily Carr community in promoting health and well-being.
  4. Climate action and sustainability: Enhances the university’s position as a leader in environmentally sustainable practices through activities such as community action, programming, implementing resource-saving initiatives, and advocating green habits.
  5. Leadership: Positively influences others to build consensus and action around department or university objectives. Lead, guide and coach staff, develop staff talents, and successfully manage an efficient and effective unit.
  6. Collaboration and creativity: Exemplifies collaboration within and with other departments to create innovative methods for performing day-to-day activities, improving the value and efficiency of service provision.
  7. Service excellence: Enhances the university’s ability to meet its employee and student needs in an efficient and professional manner by going the extra mile, anticipating and proactively meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Sound like someone you know? Click the 'Nomination Form' button below to download the official form, complete it in full, and submit it via email to by 11:59pm on Friday, May 17th 2024.

Please note that to nominate a staff member, you must obtain their signed consent.

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