User Experience (UX) Design Certificate

Learn how to create interactive digital products that people love and want to use.

This full-time intensive program focuses on equipping students with the fundamentals of user experience (UX) design for digital products and services. Grounded in a human-centred approach, students will cultivate theoretical, technical, and applied skills in UX Design. Students will acquire hands-on experience through real-world case studies, exploring UX Design strategies, responsive design and prototyping, user interface design, business of design, and the future of user experience.

Developed in consultation with industry experts, this program highlights the latest trends and innovations in user experience design. Emphasizing research, critical thinking, problem-solving, communications, and collaboration, students not only build a professional portfolio but also graduate with a diverse set of sought-after skills that meet the demands of employers.

Graduates become part of a vibrant ECU alumni community, gaining entry to a strong professional network and valuable mentoring opportunities.

Upcoming Deadlines

September 2024 Cohort
Early Deadline - April 15 2024
International Applicant Deadline - April 15 2024
Final Deadline - June 15 2024

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Q: What is the difference between the User Experience (UX) Design Certificate Program and a Bachelor Degree in Interaction Design?
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Q: I have never used Adobe CC or any other design tools or software. Am I still eligible to apply?
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