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How to select images for your project

Use these guidelines when selecting photos for print or web applications, or for giving direction to a photographer.

Keyword Characteristics of Photos

  • Authentic
  • Honest
  • Clear
  • Candid
  • Natural
  • Diverse
  • Strong focal point
  • Uncluttered

General Tips

  • Avoid stock photography.

  • Capture the essence of places, scenarios and individuals honestly and authentically.

  • Use colour or black and white photos as appropriate.

  • Do not retouch student work; keep it true to life.

  • Have a clear focal point with quiet surroundings and minimal backgrounds.

  • Use full-bleed images in moderation and only where emphasis is needed.

  • Obtain signed permission and photo releases for all artwork and people.


  • Keep it real, authentic and candid. Avoid staged or stylized shots.

  • Make the subject the obvious focal point.

  • Reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of our students, faculty and staff.

  • Obtain signed photo releases.


  • Use cropping to maintain a strong focal point.

  • Keep lighting natural-looking.

  • Minimize clutter, unless it is integral to the subject matter or part of a featured artwork.

  • Allow for areas of clear space (low contrast, flat colours) where type can live.