Internal Communications

How to self-post

Self-posting is the best way to loop in the Communications + Marketing team and gain promotion for your news story or event.

To get started, self-post through the Emily Carr website. Go to, click on one of the "submit" tabs on the left, and fill in the fields as instructed (or use one of the links below):

Once your news story, event or notice is live (typically 1-2 business days), it'll make its way into our newsletters, social media feeds, and may receive a slide on our digital signage or be featured on the homepage of the website.

Community Updates submitted before noon on a Monday will be automatically included in the all-university email digests that are sent out to ECU inboxes every Tuesday morning.

Designing materials on your own

First, download and consult our Brand Guidelines to ensure proper use of our visual identity in your design.

    Take accessibility into consideration. There are helpful tools online to do this:

    • Test your design for colour and type size. We recommend Who Can Use.
    • Test that your writing is plain and clear. We recommend Hemingway App.

    Final Design Checklist

    Use this checklist to ensure you aren’t missing anything important in your design:

    Working with contractors

    If your project requires a graphic designer, printer, or another partner, use the freelance contract when confirming their services.

    Email the Communications + Marketing office to request a list of recommended printers and designers.

    Once you've found a partner, consult them as early as possible about the project. Schedule regular check-ins to ensure expectations are managed and products are delivered on time.

      Collaborating with Communications + Marketing

      The Communications + Marketing Office leads and supports projects pertaining to:

      • Community + Internal Relations
      • Marketing + Content
      • University Communications
      • Media Relations
      • Visual Identity + Creative

      To request to collaborate on a project, start by contacting