Digital Signage

ECU’s digital signage infrastructure provides a channel for timely, highly visible, broadly-viewable communications for and from the ECU community. ECU’s digital signage program is directed and curated by Communications + Marketing (C+M), with infrastructure maintained by CTS.

The program aims to strengthen the ECU community by sharing carefully curated stories, helpful facts, institutional history, and events that bring community members together.

If you have something you wish to share with the community, you can submit ideas for news stories, events, or artwork for inclusion on the ECU website and communications channels, including the digital signage system.

Submit a news story

Submit an event

Submit your art, design or media work

Content for the digital signage is selected from community submissions based on relevance to a large audience, importance of message, and timelines. Content appears on the signage at the discretion of the C+M by team, rather than by request from the community. Generally, two weeks is required for a digital slide to be produced and uploaded to the screens.

Please note that, due to the number of submissions we receive, we’re not able to feature every single one on our digital screens.

Have a question? Reach out any time to We look forward to hearing from you!